We’re stronger and more effective together, maintaining a focus on being a Center of Excellence. This philosophy of excellence in superlative precision, quality, expertise, efficiency and performance unites everything we do as an organization.

Masterbilt, Inc. focuses on providing exceptional value for our customers through impeccable quality and dependable, rapid delivery of machined or manufactured parts and assemblies and the custom design and build of large-scale, high-speed automated assembly systems.

We are constantly seeking improvement and strive to provide the most direct, cost-effective solutions for production equipment needs and efficient flow in combination with our machine capabilities. Our objective is to cut production time and provide outstanding value and quality and performance with on-time delivery while maintaining the highest standards in all areas.

  • 1944

    South Bend Machine Works begins operations

  • 1949


    Life Magazine Article featuring sprinkler

  • 1950

    First government order received as Masterbuilt Machine Products

  • 1960

    Sprinkler phased out, focus on machining.

  • 1961


    1961 – 1992: Focus on aerospace and defense products

  • 1992


    1992 – 2014: Expansion into industrial and medical

  • 2005


    Machinery investment improving technology.

  • 2015


    Additional investment in machinery and lean tool deployment.

  • 2018


    Acquisition of Precision Piece Parts, Incorporated

  • 2020


    Created Center of Excellence at Voorde plant

  • 2021


    Added Masterbilt Automation Solutions, through the acquisition of Production Assembly Systems, Inc., and added the capabilities to design and build advanced custom automated systems

  • 2023


    Acquired Helm Precision Ltd., creating a second location for specialty complex milling services